Join NATIONAL LEASE PURCHASE today and learn how to earn up more for your investment properties.  Learn how to get better long-term tenants, no more maintenance or repair costs, no more property management costs or real estate commissions.  NATIONAL LEASE PURCHASE will pay you a non-refundable Option Consideration Fee.

NATIONAL LEASE PURCHASE acquires real estate on contract and sells or assigns the rights under that contract to prospective investors and homeowners.

No Cost To You The Seller

All Real Estate Contracts will be carried out by a local licensed Attorney or Real Estate Agent.

Are you tired of fix and flips that don’t offer you the financial freedom you deserve? Lease-to-own presents you a better alternative.

Our Solution for Investors: NATIONAL LEASE PURCHASE will help you achieve your goals with no cost attached. If your home meets our criteria, you can sign a 1-3 year Lease-to-Own transaction possibly the same day.  Here are a few advantages to working with us:

  • No Agent Commissions–you’ll find a better use for the thousands of dollars you will be saving.  NATIONAL LEASE PURCHASE pays all agent fees and or Attorney’s Fees.
  • No Closing Costs Option– The tenant will pay 100% of the closing costs if the Tenant chooses to buy.
  • No Property Management Fees– NATIONAL LEASE PURCHASE pays for licensed property management, and the tenant covers all maintenance cost up to $500.
  • Higher Caliber Tenant– Tenants have a vested interest in taking care of your property because someday it might be theirs.
  • No Monthly Outlay– Pay no gardening, public/private utilities, maintenance & repairs, or property management fees.
  • Maintain Tax Benefits– Save up to hundreds per month in taxes by writing off depreciation and interest (verify with your CPA).
  • Avoid pre-payment Penalties– We can structure the agreement to ensure the sale of the property occurs after the loan penalty period. Contact us now to find out if your home qualifies for our program.


If you are looking to sell your house quickly or if you have found yourself in a real estate dilemma and you are merely looking for answers, we can help.  We pay CASH, no wholesaling or jamming up your property.  We have the cash on hand to close with no appraisals.

Often, these are not the best choices. We know life can get complicated, that’s why we want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions about your property. Understand – *You Do Have Options!*

Foreclosure Avoidance

Debt Removal or Renegotiation

Sell Your Property without Paying Commissions

Resolving Title Issues

Environmental or Structural Problems

Apartment & House Rental Specialists


Vacant Properties

Ecological or Structural Problems

Over-leveraged Properties

Judgments or Outside Liens

Little or No Equity Sales